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The billboard for 2022 is published!


Introducing Poddcast on


The billboard for 2021 is published!


The billboard for 2020 is published!


The billboard for 2019 is published!


Webb-shop for those who want to buy something?!


Added a billboard for Artificial Intelligence.


You have to excuse us for some of the webb-pages are still under construction!


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Welcome to our webbsite!

MobileSoftwareSource is company that deals with how we can improve to get an green enviroment with help from eletronic equiments. For an example we want to get rid of all the receipt that cost many transports, electricity and everthing in between to we get our paper. It cost a lot of money to use it, insted it should be integrated with our Mobile phone and so on... We come up with great ide's to improve our environment and a soloution, in other words!

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